Custom Made Bra Styles, Features including Lingerie Repairs and Alterations

Linda has designed and custom made bras from chest size 8 to 34, and from AA to S cup. Because each bra is made to fit the individual, we especially cater to women who have one breast a different size to the other. Linda’s Lingerie also caters to those women who have had breast surgery, and medical or skin conditions, and find it difficult to wear conventional bras.

Custom Made Bra lingerie repairs alterationsRepairs and alterations to bras and lingerie are also a service offered at Linda’s Lingerie. Many women have bras in their underwear draw that they don’t wear because:-

  • the back is too loose
  • straps fall off their shoulders
  • underwires dig in or are uncomfortable
  • straps have lost their elasticity

Linda can also change your existing bras into front opening bras and change narrow straps that dig in into wide elastic straps or padded straps.

Once you have had a bra made, you can then order more bras by phone or email. This eliminates time and effort used when bra shopping.

Special Features

  • Comfortable fabric straps that don’t keep stretching
  • Padded straps for support and protection
  • Double elastene (backs of bras) in E cups and up
  • Fabric and/or lace lined in 100% cotton
  • 100% cotton bras – with or without lace (lace lined in 100% cotton)
  • Full support back bras (posture bras)
  • Front opening bras
  • Longline bras
  • Maternity bras
  • Mastectomy bras
  • Bodysuits
  • Bra Camis
  • Semi longline backs
  • 100% Wool in Skin tone and Black
  • Compression Garments for women who have Lymphoedema – full bra/bodysuits, pant with customised leg lengths

Custom Made 100% Wool Bra lingerie repairs alterations

Flesh Compression Garment Black Compression Garment