Perfect Again Breast Forms – Queensland Fitter

Linda’s Lingerie is the Queensland Fitter for Perfect Again Breast Forms which are 100% Australian owned.

light weight breast formThe Perfect Again ready-to-wear breast form range comes in 14 different sizes and has a left and a right-hand side version because our breasts are different shapes. They also have two different “inside” profiles which means that there is a breast form to suit every shape and figure.

Perfect Again Breast Forms are different because they are light (three times lighter than silicon prostheses), comfortable and designed by a woman who uses a breast form daily. They are manufactured in Portarlington, Victoria by Julie Brand and her partner Franco Pierucci. They use laser scanning and robotic technology to produce the perfect breast form.

perfect again breast form

Perfect Again Breast Forms are made from two kinds of medical grade polyurethane.

You can swim in them, so you don’t need to buy yet another breast prosthesis to go swimming. Swim confidently in the sea, in a chlorinated pool or anywhere!

Perfect Again breast forms are 3 times lighter than silicon prostheses.

And… you can wear beautiful lingerie once again!

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    The cost is $400 and is fully refundable by Medicare.  You will receive all the paperwork with your breast form, to take to your nearest Medicare office.