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Linda’s Lingerie Reviews & Testimonials

“After struggling to find a bra to fit my needs, Linda has made two very comfortable bras that are simply a blessing. Linda took great care to get the perfect fit, comfort and fabric as I had special needs. I would recommend Linda to anyone who may be struggling to find that truly comfortable bra”.


I held off in getting Linda’s bras because of cost, but I honestly regret that I didn’t act sooner. Her bras improved my posture and figure. So much so, people ask me if I’ve lost weight. I walk taller, stand straighter and my clothes fit me amazingly. PLUS I find my neck is not as stiff. These bras truly feel like an extension of my own body and I know by the quality they’ll last forever, so in the long run they’re cheaper anyway. I feel, younger, thinner and taller! I’ll never buy a store bra again!

Barbara Clifford

I have had total satisfaction every time I have met with Linda. She has gone ‘above and beyond’ her call of duty to assist in my area of bra fitting frustration! I am so very thankful for her never ending patience, ability and advice. I no longer have annoying bra issues that are unable to be addressed!

Vicki Freeman

Linda has helped me overcome a lot of back/neck problems by making me her wonderful bras. Having them customised especially for my body I have found the bras to be comfortable and very supporting. Being a size G cup I have alot of trouble finding something that fits me just right in any of the shops that have bras. So I thank Linda for helping me with solving this problem, I thought they were that good that I have purchased over my time knowing Linda 5 bras. Thanks again Linda for helping me out!

Amanda L, New Beith

Linda, I had to drop you a line just to let you know your beautiful bras are still going strong. I look after them like the pearls they are and they’re still a beautiful fit, so comfortable, heaven to wear. Every day I wear them and send a ‘thank you’ to a certain young lady who took such trouble to get them just right for me. Wonderful!

Name withheld

Well designed, perfectly cut, beautifully finished. If you’ve ever wanted the ‘perfect bra’ that is so comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing it – this is it. Linda’s service and products are without peer. The best bras I’ve every had.

SDB, Qld

I have been wearing Linda’s bra’s exclusively now for two and a half years. Linda’s bra’s are cool, comfortable and long wearing. I no longer have a sweat rash under by breasts in summer, nor had the indignity of a underwire protruding from between my cleaveage, not to mention not suffering the sharp stab of an underwire sticking into my ribs. My breasts are supported in comfort. I have recommended Linda’s bras to a number of other ladies who have bought one bra to try and become converts. I am still wearing the first bra Linda made me. Excellent value for money.

Fiona S – Wooloowin, QLD