Common Questions

What happens at my appointment?

Your appointment is obligation free as you need to meet Linda and see the work that she does. It’s not like a shop where you can browse around and walk out if the products are not what you want. When you decide to go ahead with a fitting the alterations are written on a worksheet, and you choose the fabric, lace and colour for your new bra.
How should I wash my new bra?

Hand-washing is the best way to wash your bra. Remember it is not ‘dirty’, just sweaty. I suggest you wash your bra in the hand basin in lukewarm soapy water, let it soak while you have your shower, then rinse, pat dry in a towel, and hang to dry in the shade, i.e. under a pergola or over the shower head. This process will only take a few minutes, but your bra will last much longer.
How long does it take to make my bra?

It will take between 2-3 weeks for your new bra to be made. In extenuating circumstances, a bra can be made in a shorter period of time.
Why are some bras uncomfortable?
The straps can sit too wide at the back which can cause them to fall off your shoulders. The underwires are the wrong size/shape for your breasts. The elastic on the lower edge of the bra can be too wide which makes it roll upwards. The back of the bra can be too narrow, with only two hooks and eyes. The bigger the cup, the wider the back needs to be. The neckline of a bra can be too wide which can cause your breasts to have less support and feel like they are falling out of your bra.
Why do the underwires keep coming out of my bra?
You may be wearing the wrong size bra, the underwire may be the wrong size for your breasts or the underwire is too tight in the casing. We can change the underwires in your existing bras, and we can also cut them down so they don’t stick into your body. Machine washing your bra causes pressure on a very delicate garment.
Why do the underwires break?
Same as above
What payments are accepted?

A deposit of $150 cash is required when placing an order. Full payment to be made in cash or electronic funds transfer.  Payment plans are also available to suit any budget.
Refund/Exchange Policy

Linda’s Lingerie offers 100% satisfaction or we refund the cost of the bra within the 60 day warranty period. We guarantee your bra to fit. Please be aware that you may need more than one fitting. There is a one off charge of $150 for your personalised fitting and customised pattern; this charge allows for any changes to your bra and pattern within the 60 day warranty period.

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